New HEEP-3000 model event recording system RTU, provides all the Plants from Power Generation, till Transmission and Distribution with the most advanced monitoring, alarm annunciation and event recording, and helps to easily find the reason of the fault after investigating data provided by HEEP3000. By the advantage of utilising Input Modules, Annunciators and Event Processor, operators will be very quickly aware of rapid change of input status in the plant from local HMI (SCADA) or remote host or annunciators/Dx Alarm Indicators

30.000 pcs of historical events are stored in the event processor memory so as to be used in case of the connection failure between host and Event Processor HEEP3000. Additionally, when there is a communication failure between Event Processor HEEP3000 and downstream, Input Modules are capable of storing 2.000 pcs of historical events and ISP800 series Annunciators are capable of storing 1.000 pcs of historical events in their memory. Horn or bell setting of each channel of alarm annunciators and Input Modules is easily performed by using user friendly ISPsim™ software tool running on windows.

Now it is very easy remotely to monitor and remotely to report with the help of ISPopera™ Software. Plant or station operators can access clear event records and each channel/input status of annunciators/Input module from this software.

A complete system configuration might consist of Input modules and/or Annunciators, Event Processor, DX Indicator Panels, Server Computer and peripherals such as LCD KVM console, printers, hub etc.



  • HEEP3000 is an event processor combining high quality, compact and the unique design with low cost
  • Contains high-performance microprocessor control.
  • Provides high performance and economic solutions for the SCADA and control applications.
  • Could be easily installed in panels by utilising Rack type, 19”, 1U compact design,
  • Capable of connection with 124pcs of HEIM48or 36 channel annunciators,
  • All inputs are completely isolated. They are protected by optocouplers and software filters,
  • Working capability between wide temperature range,

  • Long life battery for system clock
  • Programmable response time between 3-250msec,
  • Manual restart with 2 pcs of button on the front panel ,
  • 1msec resolution,
  • Power supply is 110/220VDC
Software features;
  • Could store 30.000pcs of historical events in its memory so as to use them in case of connection failure between HEEP3000 and the host,
  • 5.000 Signal support
  • Real-time synchronization ,in 1msec resolution, in IRIG-B time format via GPS, amongst Substations,
  • Easily configurable from USB port on the front panel with ISPConfig™ SWtool.
  • Easy remote event monitoring and reporting for analysis purposes by utilising unique IP-based ISPOpera™ software .​

Hardware features;
  • IP Config and Test Options with 4 front panel buttons and LCD (2×20) Display (IP settings, Test options, real time values,status etc.)
  • Integrated isolated Printer LPT Port
  • 24 pcs LED indication for diagnosis 
  • 2 programmable / 1 fixed (Fault) Relay outputs
  • 4pcs isolated RS485 and 2pcs isolated “RS485 / RS232”ports
  • 1pcsisolatedUSB port,
  • 1pcs 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • 1pcs BNC connector for IRIG-B
  • Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP Protocol support

CE Certifications : CE (ESİM)

EMC Compliance  :

EN 61000-4/-2 (+A1/ +A2 Dielectric Withstand)

EN 61000-4-3 (Radiated RFI Immunity)

EN 61000-4-4 (Electrical Fast Transient)

EN61000-4-5 (Surge Immunity)

EN61000-4-6 (Conducted RFI Dist. Immunity)

EN61000-4-8 (Radiated Power Freq. Immunity)

EN61000-4-11(ımmunity to Voltage dips)

EN61326-1      (Equipment for Measurement)

EN55011     (+A2 Emission – Ind. Sci. & Med.)

LVD Compliance          :EN61010-1 :1993



HEEP-3000 Event Processor


19”, 1U, Rack Mount Rear and Front  Acces, metal structure


6pcs RS485, 2pcs RS232, 1pcs USB


integrated serial LPT printer port


Ethernet with RJ45 Connector; 10/100Mbps speed

Communication Protocols                   

Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP

Relay outputs                                                 

2pcs programmable, 1pcs fixed

Power Supplies                                             

110Vdc, 220Vdc

Time Synchronization                                 

GPS time server in IRIG-B format ;1msec resolution

Resolution/Scan Rate

Local event storage                                     

30.000 Events

Monitoring Software                                  

IP-based software; ISPOpera™

Configuration Software