What is the difference between Alarm Indicator and Alarm Annunciator?

The alarm annunciator detects alarms by wiring dry contact information from the field to related channels.The Alarm Indicator receives the dry contact information from the field by communication instead of cabling.So the indicator does not have alarm terminals, only RS485 communication port.

Is it necessary to connect additional auxiliary relays to the device relay outputs?

Yes, we strongly recommend connecting the auxiliary relay. In case of failure, the relay contacts of the device or the PCB are broken.

What should be the cable cross section to be connected to the device?

It is recommended to use 12 AWG (2.5 mm) cable

How long is the warranty period?

Warranty period is 2 years.

What is the communication protocol?

Modbus RTU

What do response and release times do and how are they set?

There are “software programmable” response – release time which provide flexible and safe performance for protection against induced magnetic fields resulted from maneuvers i.e CB opening/closing especially. With the help of ISPSİMTM software; Response and release time are independently set between 3msec and 250msec. Response time is set to 5msec, release time is set to 20msec by default.

How many remote center monitoring and event recording can we do?

It can be done basically in 2 ways: 1) with HEIM48 modules 2) with alarm annunciators. It is also possible to do with HEIM48 and alarm annunciators combination.

What does Telepro's ISPsim software do?

Telepro's ISPsim software automatically detects and changes the communication parameters of the device if requested. If the device conforming to ISA18.1 is connected, SW will be able to change channel settings, button functions and alarm sequence/steps and to simulate the channels of device. It helps to watch the old alarms if the event recorder and memory buffer feature is provided on the connected device.Firmware updates are also made via ISPsim.

Are there templates for writing tags in the windows of annunciators

Yes. Under the Support Menu you can find it as windows templates.