Telepro Energy has been established in 2007, that developing alarm management systems and equipments for the medium and high voltage transmission and distribution systems.

In Turkey, Telepro Energy is the only company that operates in this area, which provides great contributions to the country’s economy, industry and technology.

In 2008, according to requirements of ISO 9001 standards Quality management system has been created and documented. And enables to continuity effectively by its implementation. Additionally It is decided suitable methods which are needed to enable continuous improvement and to reach quality targets and they are implemented.

Telepro Energy which keeps the quality always at the forefront, raises the competitiveness and quality in this sector, by using high-tech and high quality equipments in our products.

Telepro Energy Products are manufactured according to international (ANSI/ISA-18.1-1979 –Alarm Management System) standards. Utilising superior quality, all of our products are tested according to requirements of IEC 61010-1 / EN 61010-1 standards and are also certified with type test (CE certificate).

TELEPRO Energy which accelerates R&D efforts in 2010, developed remote access integrated event recording system for medium and high voltage transmission and distribution systems, and has introduced it to the market in 2013.

Our company which develops and adopts "university -industry collaboration", embraces the logic of continuous R&D , resulting in speeding up the R & D activities. It continues to develop special technologies that will carry the products to the top level and to pursue the patent application. TELEPRO Energy currently offers its products to many of the leading companies in the industry in Turkey.

At the same time, our company which continuously increases their exports volumes, exports its products and technologies to the firms in the global market.

Our mission; by keeping Quality always in the forefront,is to move the products to world-class standards with continuous R & D activities.

Our vision; with our products and services, is to take our place in the global market as a Turkish brand.